College Builder’s Academic Management System in a Nutshell

College Builder (CB) offers an online Academic Management System (AMS) for schools, colleges and universities. Instructors, administrators and students can use it to manage and streamline processes ranging from admissions to programme registrations, from course enrolment to assignments and test grading, from advising services to curriculum and instructional design in a secure, hosted environment.

Here are some of the benefits of College Builder’s AMS:

  • Rapid Installation
  • Scalable to any size of institution
  • Hosted 24/7 service
  • Integrated suite of all academic management functions

College Builder’s AMS features industry standard elements:

  • Front-end program admission and course enrolment
  • Document upload/download
  • Online assessment
  • Personal calendar
  • Messaging and discussion forums

CB bridges the needs of administration, faculty and students giving all three stakeholders a common platform to fulfill their work and communicate this work over our hosted site with each other– an impeccable integration of teaching, learning and academic administration.

Here is a brief outline of what CB promises to fulfill for its key users:

What CB provides for students

  • An easily accessible online admissions portal
  • Ease of online programme registration
  • A customisable student profile for campus directory as well as public viewing (with adjustable security settings)
  • A well-explained and categorized course catalogue
  • Facility of course enrolment
  • Facilities for course management, like document upload/download, discussion forums, online assessments, etc.
  • A multi-user calendar for managing progress in each course
  • Access to an archive of academic records as updated by administration and faculty
  • Advising services
  • Accessibility to faculty and administration via CB modules

What CB provides for faculty

  • A customisable faculty profile
  • A well-designed course catalogue that allows for course design as well as course creation
  • Facility of course management including document upload/download, discussion forums, event management and online assessment
  • A multi-user calendar for managing courses, students, events, etc.
  • Advising services

What CB provides for the Registrar (Academic Administrators)

  • Customisable setup of departments, degree programmes, majors, minors and specialisation
  • Online admissions management services
  • Programme registration management
  • Course catalogue creation
  • Course enrolment management
  • Resource management
  • Scheduling of courses, classrooms, and laboratories
  • Managing libraries, bookstores and websites to ensure availability of course materials
  • Creating the academic calendar
  • Report generation and compliance


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