College Builder and the Global Student: Information, Participation and Collaboration

Learning environments are at the forefront of the ongoing wave of digitisation of business processes.  This is evidenced by the increasingly common use of e-learning, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Student Information Systems (SIS) in all types of teaching and training environments, from academic to corporate instruction. Progress in this sphere has been unusually rapid.  As a result, today’s student is significantly more likely than his predecessor of even a decade ago to be familiar with at least basic e-learning tools, such as searching library catalogues online. For today’s student, activities such as creating a hyperlink on a reference in an assignment and then submitting that assignment electronically to the instructor, are increasingly commonplace.

College Builder (CB) is a start-up at the leading edge of the learning digitisation wave. Its Academic Management System (AMS) addresses the data creation and management needs of students, faculty and administration. Let us first consider the student. The student would like information; for instance, on his degree status, courses and progress; second, he would like to participate – such as enrol for courses and upload assignments; third, he would like to collaborate to improve the quality of the information and his participation – for example, to review the term’s progress with his advisor and engage in group discussions.

Consider next the faculty member.  First, as a teacher, he needs to be informed: for instance, who is enrolled, his class schedule, and so on.  Second, he needs to participate: such as upload course material, grade assignments, etc.  Third, he, too, needs to collaborate: such as review his course outline in collaboration with the department head, monitor a group discussion and so on.

Likewise, the administrative personnel would also like to have an insight on the records of all academic activities taking place in the institution. First, they would like to have an overview of instructors’ courses and schedules. Second, they would like to maintain academic records of all students including their admission details, course enrolment, grades, feedback, etc.

The reader by now gets the idea of CB’s AMS: it is a platform for the management of all the academic functions of an institution.  It is designed to be used by administrators, instructors and students in an environment that enables information-generation, participation, sharing and collaboration.

Enter the student of South Asia – a microcosm of the world, perhaps…

This is a student that may come from family circumstances that are simple relative to his peers in the developed world, but in his need to learn, his ability to use information and his willingness to engage in digital learning opportunities, he is second to none. The founders of CB, Professors Rafiq Dossani of Stanford University and N.J.Rao of the International Institute of Information Technology have done several years of research in this area to show this finding. The AMS they have now created reflects this.

What CB’s AMS provides…

A comprehensive system hosted securely online that enables: (1) administrators to set up programmes and courses, manage users and generate reports; (2) faculty to manage enrolment, design and create courses; and manage assessment, time-tables and advising; and, (3) students to manage admission to a programme; course planning, enrolment and participation; and to review his progress.

Taken together, this is a comprehensive suite for academic management. Using CB’s AMS will lead to a better understanding of best practices in teaching and research through tools that enable information-sharing, participation and collaboration.  In the future, CB may open a new avenue of learning and knowledge-sharing. Academia across universities may engage in collaborative course designing and share ideas, methodologies, curricula and teaching approaches, making the educational experience more exciting and interactive for students, no matter which part of the world they are in.


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